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Media and metadata ingest, output, and editing in Avid Interplay and MAM systems

  • Search and Ingest content from different social media netwroks

  • Connecting Adobe CC Applications to Interplay systems and MAMs

  • File-based media review, cataloging, and ingest

  • Automated ingest and catalog, based on watch folders

  • Automation and control of transfers from Avid Interplay

  • Entering Interplay's database of media generated by 3rd parties

  • File transfer and ingest from remote sites

  • Ingest to Avid Interplay systems, ISIS/NEXIS, and Standalone

  • Connect and ingest to multiple Interplay or MAM systems at once

Automation and collaboration in the generation of Graphs

Embrace logo_cal_800x130.png

With an eye on the Media & Entertainment Industry, Embrace has developed a data-driven custom graphics generation platform and graphics solutions for collaborative environments.


The company's efforts are focused on offering simplified production solutions to streamline and optimize sophisticated video and graphics workflows in collaborative media environments.

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