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That B-it offers to the Broadcast, News, Production, Film and Post Production industry in the UK, Europe and around the globe.

Broadcast Services for Live events, Newsrooms & Post


Installation, configuration and support of Avid and Premiere editing systems in the field or in-house, in standalone and shared storage configurations, in workflows that have Avid Interplay, Media Central and Nexis systems, EVS XT, Xfile and IP Director; at sporting events, Newsrooms and Shows Production in the UK, Europe and globally.

We provide local support for your Avid systems and manage your support contract with Avid Customer Care.

​Workflow design and media optimizations


We survey and document your current media workflows and provide a redesign of them to improve and optimize it, from the implementation of tips and know-how to the incorporation of new equipment.

We are specialists in Avid Interplay streams.

Avid Solutions Training


We have ACI Instructors certified by Avid for training in Spanish or English, in Media Composer editing systems, Interplay platforms, ISIS, NEXIS, Media Central, Airspeed, Capture and Command. We can assist you when you are starting operations, with your new workflows and with your recently acquired systems. 

Avid Systems Deployment


We have ACSR professionals certified by Avid for the installation, configuration and start-up of Shared Storage editing systems and Standalone equipment.

TV Screens
Project Management for Broadcast Systems


Project Management services for the implementation of new solutions acquired from us or other resellers.

Design, administration and monitoring of project tasks.

We manage according to PMP or Agile methodologies.

IT Solutions Depoyment


Design, installation and support for the classic IT infrastructure.
Virtualization, Networking, Infrastructure and Storage, oriented to Integrations with the broadcast world.

Editing Workstations & Media Storage


Install, redeploy, update and optimize configurations for supported Avid systems and high-end workstations built for Editing and Post-production.


The following are Partner Certifications obtained, which guarantee our expertise and experience. Click here .

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