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Content Management in Sony Ci for the 2024 Copa América

We are currently engaged in another HBS project for their client Conmebol.

As a project engineer, we are collaborating on the design of the tournament's media workflows and their implementation in a cloud-based MAM system from Sony, called Ci Media Cloud.

Media Systems Engineer for The CollecTV projects

In April and May 2024, we joined the team of freelance professionals collaborating on their projects.

On this occasion, it was the installation and support of recording, storage, and editing systems for the production of a reality show.

We continue joining more support teams, now at EMG / Gravity Media

Since January 2024, we have been called upon to support the live media workflows for the Formula E and ATP tournaments in Westworks facilities, in London.

We provide support for EVS IP Director systems and Adobe Premiere-based editing suites.

We joined the support engineering team at Warner Bros. Discovery

Since November 2023, we have the opportunity to be part of the engineering team at one of the largest and most renowned media networks worldwide.

From their facilities in Stockley Park, we provide support mainly for the sporting events Discovery produces on their studios.

PTOC Non-Live Manager for the FIFA Rugby's World Cup, France 2023

Same mission carried out at the FIFA Women's World Cup. (see below)

Once again managing and supporting the media wokflows for non-live contents, the editing systems and collaborating on the delivery and testing of the project.

PTOC Non-Live Manager for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

We were once again short listed by HBS's Digital Department to manage the Non-live workflows for the FIFA Women's World Cup, held in Australia and New Zealand in June and July 2023.

We helped on the design and support of the the different workflows, based on XT and IP Director VIA servers, integrated with Avid Interplay systems, the editing team used both leading brands on the matter, Avid and Adobe.

Now we are also part of the Thomson Reuters Engineering team

Since March 2023, we have joined the engineering team of the world's most prestigious news agency, providing on-site support to the Newsroom's teams & systems at the London Bureau, and remotely to its global offices and correspondents across the globe.

Deploying the EVS servers to record British talent

In January, we were called upon to install the EVS and Avid systems used for the recording of this iconic television show worldwide!

Together with the Picture Shop team, as partners of Origin & 2dB Tech.

We are now part of the IMG Studios engineering Team!

Since January 2023, we have been part of the engineering team providing on-site support for various sports events broadcasted from the facilities of a giant Host Broadcaster like IMG.

From their facilities, the Premier League, England Football League, ATP Tournaments, F1 Shows and countless other tournaments are produced.

Installing EVS IP Director, editing systems and centralized storage for the UK.

When back from the World Cup we started at full throttle with football, installing EVS IP Director and Adobe editing systems for the FA Cup media workflows, on NEP's OB Trucks.

Quality control of web publishing APIs at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Exciting news! HBS, one of the largest and most important host broadcasters in the sports industry and ni the world, has called upon us to collaborate on delivering their most significant project of the year, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

On this occasion, our mission will be to collaborate with the Digital department in quality control of the integration APIs used for the web pages of various licensees

WINNERS! Sports Emmy 2016 "Outstanding Technical Team Event"

We did it again!


After 2 consecutive nominations where we couldn't win it in 2018 and 2021, the third one was the one!, and in 2022 this amazing group of NBC Olympics did it again.

This time the merit has been even greater given the conditions of a China locked-down by COVID-19.

Let's go for another Emmy in Paris!

Support of Editing Systems in Tokyo 202ONE

We are pleased to announce that B-it has been selected for the fourth consecutive time by NBC Olympics to provide media systems engineering services during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

NBC has entrusted us with the support of their post-production systems and media workflows based on Avid Interplay, Nexis, Media Composer, Telestream, and EVS IP Director, at their venue in Zhangjiakou.

As always, committed to the mission, we look forward to contributing to the success of this iconic event once again

Support of Editing Systems in Tokyo 202ONE


Once again we have the honor and pleasure of being invited by NBC Olimpycs for the upcoming Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The leading North American television network has entrusted us with the support of its on-site human resources and that of its post-production systems and media flows based on Avid Interplay, Interplay MAM, Media Central and Media Composer. .

There we will be providing as always the quality and commitment that characterize us.

Project Engineer for Al Jazeera GMMS

We were selected by Sony Professional Solutions Middle East as Project Engineer for the implementation of Al Jazeera's Global Media Management Solution (GMMS) in Doha, Qatar.

We worked throughout 2019 together with AJ's PMO on this fabulous project to implement an Avid Interplay MAM system with dozens of workflows integrating other Avid and third-party systems such as VizRT, Telestream, Pebble Beach, Baton, Diva, among others. .

Post Production Support at FIFA WC RUSSIA 2018


Once again, we've been called upon by NBC to provide deployment and support services for their post-production systems, including Avid, EVS, Aspera, FileCatalyst, etc., installed at the IBC for the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018

Support of Editing Systems in Pyengongchang 2018


Once again, we were chosen by NBC Olympics to provide support services for their Avid Interplay, Media Central, and Media Composer post-production systems at the Jeonsong Alpine Center during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

WINNERS! Sports Emmy 2016 "Outstanding Technical Team Event"

It's an honour to have been part of the NBC Olympics professional team, which has been awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Technical Team for our coverage of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics.

Our first Olympic Games, and our first Emmy, for more to come!

Support of Editing Systems in RIO 2016


We were selected by NBC Olympics to provide support services for their Avid Interplay, Media Central, and Media Composer post-production systems at the Olympic Stadium during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

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