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Woody Outgest  Reinvents Avid Transfers Interplay | Production.

Automating integration between Avid® Interplay and external platforms
Woody Outgest handles all Avid publishing tasks Interplay | Production.
Detecta automáticamente la media lista para publicar y la_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_processes effectively to playout servers, file system or VOD transcoding farm.

Direct control over Interplay's transcoding features
With Avid Interplay | Transcode fully integrated into Woody Outgest, transfer of complex sequences has been optimized. When transcoding is not required, Woody Outgest handles the entire process.

Backup and transfer of metadata to external environments
Woody Outgest helps preserve metadata across environments by adding it to the media that has been transferred. This metadata extraction allows the preservation of as much information as possible about the original sequence: name, videoID, original project, Avid MOBID, etc...

Web Services and external intelligence management
Woody Outgest is an open web services solution, which allows a workflow engine, MAM or any third-party intelligent solution to trigger and control your transfer tasks.
This allows for easy integration of Woody Outgest as an additional component in an overall architecture that handles complex workflows.

Woody Outgest with Avid Interplay

Main Features​

  • Solution software only 

  • Minimum hardware requirements

  • Can run on virtualized servers

  • The number of simultaneous processes can be customized

  • Perpetual or subscription license model

  • Control over the Transcoding processes in Interplay

  • Alternative to Interplay Transfer, at a much lower cost

  • User manual in Spanish

  • ... for more information click here .

WoodyTechnologies, belongs to the

Avid Partner Alliance



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