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Woody Check-in  is the ideal solution for connecting Harmonic  WFS and ProMedia Carbon transcoding tools with Avid Interplay | Production.

Automated ingest for streamlined workflows
Seamlessly integrated with Harmonic ProMedia Carbon and WFS solutions, Woody Check-in publishes transcoded assets directly to the Avid database Interplay | Production

Media management Improved
Woody Check-in dynamically builds the folder tree within Interplay for consistent and efficient workflows for improved media management.
Woody Check-in can connect to multiple Avid Interplay environments simultaneously.

Woody Check-In with Avid Interplay

Main Features​

  • Solution software only 

  • Minimum hardware requirements

  • Can run on virtualized servers

  • Multiple streams in parallel

  • The number of simultaneous processes can be customized

  • Perpetual or subscription license model

  • Can connect with multiple Interplay systems

  • You can select and create the target structure in Interplay

  • ... for more information click here .

WoodyTechnologies, belongs to the

Avid Partner Alliance



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