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Pulse-IT  Recurring creative tasks, orchestrated, managed, monitored, on-premises or in the cloud. Automation and collaboration for creative teams. resolved flow.


Design quickly and intuitively

Get your automated workflows up and running effortlessly with our intuitive workflow design tool, allowing authorized users to define rules, automate routes, set permissions, create custom notifications and deliver workflows to any location using the existing infrastructure. Both technical and non-technical users can easily manage workflows by combining input from other users and their preferred work tools as they go. 

Promote teamwork

Pulse-IT makes project management easy and helps remove barriers to collaboration between teams and departments. Precisely maintain access to your data through role access and control, which allows authorized users to assign tasks, resources, and due dates to specific users. Programming is done in a very simple and visual way, providing different views, calendars or task lists.


Seamless migration

Pulse-IT seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, avoiding any rip-and-replace outages, leveraging the security features you already have. 
Pulse-IT is available for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments. It has systems and microservices available in the public cloud using a very easy to use interface. 
It also integrates with any third-party system that uses APIs.

With an eye on every stage

The system ensures that each step is performed accurately with built-in real-time monitoring and supervision tools. It monitors in real time, both the general status of the system and the progress of each job, of each workflow. Status information is available for each job and can be easily queried. This tool allows clear monitoring and auditing, while improving compliance.


Main Features

  • Unique in the market

  • ultra productivity

  • Integration with existing systems

  • Collaboration between teams

  • Process optimization

  • Greater efficiency and performance

  • Control and compliance

30 minutes to understand Pulse'iT




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