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Automate-IT  Recurring creative tasks, orchestrated, managed, monitored, on-premises or in the cloud. Automation and collaboration for creative teams. resolved flow.


Automatic video generation

Automatic clip generation using Adobe® After Effects CC
Control over as many Adobe® After Effects CC  render nodes or render farms as you need, no limit to your output, and much more time for creativity.

Media & metadata import

Extract data from any source with a built-in import workflow (XML, Excel, REST or SOAP web service, etc.)
Multimedia resources accessible from anywhere: connectors available for leading storage systems (NAS, Cantemo Portal ™, Amazon S3, etc.).

Delivery and notifications

Intuitive and customizable delivery workflow tool that automates content delivery to a wide range of delivery platforms: Avid Interplay I Production, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, NAS, SAN, social media, and more.
Send notifications to relevant people and/or systems through all kinds of platforms, email, SMS, Slack, RabbitMQ, SQS, web service, etc.

Enterprise level management system

Very complete management system to optimize hosting costs, it also has relevant indicators for the complete monitoring of production: number of generations, errors, average calculation time, etc.

Main Features

  • 100% manual or 100% automatic

  • ultra productivity

  • Integration

  • Optimization 

  • Efficiency

  • Control

  • Unique in the market

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